Instrument pilot 

Instrument pilot package includes:

  • 20 hours dual instruction in an aircraft
  • 10 hours dual instruction in an FAA-approved simulator
  • 10 hours of ground lessons with an instructor
  • Online ground school with all learning materials and resources accessible online

FAA Part 61 requires a total of 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time, including a minimum of 15 hours of instrument flight training from a flight instructor certified to teach the instrument rating (CFII)

We guarantee you the highest quality level of flight instruction and we will do our best to achieve your goals with required minimums, while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Prerequisite: 50 hours cross-country (time building can be accomplished during training)

Extra training incurs additional cost at current rates.

Package Price $9,339 - 3 Installments of $3,113


Time building rates:

Shared with another student: $185/hr plus $28/hr fuel surcharge (cost is split between 2 students)

Individual rental: $179/hr plus $28/hr fuel surcharge

Please note that time building rates and shared option with another student time building only apply for students who purchased IFR package. Full current hourly rates apply for all other students.